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But if you think for one second, for one solitary second, that demanding tolerance for men as a group, that dismissing the reality of violence against women because not all men kill, not all men rape, if you think that’s more important than demanding justice for those who have been brutalised and murdered by those not all men, then you are part of the problem. You may not have pulled the trigger. You may not have raised your hand to a woman in your life. But you are part of the problem.

This is not the time, to use the refrain of apologists for bigotry, to play devil’s advocate. The devil has more than enough advocates today. On most days, I can put up with aggressive faux-objectivity being used to shout down women’s experiences and silence gendered trauma, but not today.

Like many of us, I’ve spent the last few days reading and thinking and reading and thinking about violence against women. I watched a shitty Friday the 13th sequel last night, and what screamed out at me was not Jason’s violence, but the many instances of the nonkiller men in the story who got angry when they were denied access to the women whose bodies they thought they deserved. Rodgers didn’t exist in a vacuum. 

I read this piece a few days ago, and read it again today, and I think it’s rawness gets right where I needed to go. 

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Okay, so if you haven’t read through sadvaporwavebabe's blog, you're missing out on quite … an experience. 

This is such an adventure:

And then there’s all her “kin” stuff



And all her answered questions are just… wow.

I’m LOVING her blog.

Okay, so if you haven’t read through sadvaporwavebabe's blog, you're missing out on quite … an experience. 

warm---milk asked: Hi, I scrolled down your blog and someone asked how your PTSD came to be and you said "I got into a horrible fight with my friend on the internet" and I just like to say; You have zero idea of what PTSD is the seriousness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This means a serious traumatic event happened. An argument on the internet does not fit into this category no matter how hard you try and argue it. I think you should put this blog on a rest, I don't know how you can keep up with joke so well


you dont know how serious the fight was they called me mean names like troll







reminder to call your pets by their proper pronouns! use petself/dogself/catself/hamsterself etc because they are not able to communicate their preferred gender and pronouns thank you this has been a psa uwu



no im a catkin (a persian cat!) and i have a concept of gender and dont tell me to go outside i have agoraphobia

I think they mean literal cat, dear. Actual cats have no concept of that sort of thing, okay? Okay.

i used to be an actual cat but i reincarnated but i still have memories


Anonymous asked: So let me get this straight. You think you are a cat, a plant, and a fictional character?


AND an angel and meteroid! 


should i switch back to jesuskin from angelkin? i feel like i’m the jesus of otherkin.


also its okay to own marijuana, you’re just holding my friends, but the second you start “blazing” it you’re betraying someone who considered you as an owner, the marijuana was a pet. stop betraying plantkin.


im a plantkin and walking on grass is offensive thank u

Anonymous asked: how. the fuck. are you born. as. an inanimate. object.


ok so first i was a meteroid and then when i crashed onto earth i grew into a caninae rose. and then as a rose i died and reincarnated into an angel! (i think i could have been jesus but people got offended so im not sure what i prefer, an angel or jesus) but then i reincarnated into pico and then asuka soryu and then asuka shikinami and then a persian cat and then my current human form so technically its all reincarnation

Michael Fassbender in Studio Q



if i die resurrect me with this video

if you want to retain your hemsworth-like fantasies of what aussie guys are like, don’t watch this video




This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen